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Used Books

Public Scholarship

Eseonu, T (2024). Realising young people’s democratic potential.

Eseonu, T. (2023). BBC Radio Lancashire interview with Brett Davison about the Racial Equity in Policy Network


Eseonu, T. (2023). Decolonising democratic innovations or decolonial praxis?


Eseonu, T. (2022). Afrofuturism and knowledge production in participatory and deliberative spaces.

Eseonu, T. (2022). Podcast on health inequalities as part of Freshrb's project, Neighbourhood Media Connects Health (NeMCoH). 


Eseonu, T. (2021). Young people are not just the leaders of tomorrow, they are the changemakers of today.

Eseonu, T. (2020). Co-production: strategies for being more inclusive.


Eseonu, T. (2019). The role of Black and Minority Ethnic-Led Organisations in Greater Manchester.

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