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My name is Dayo Eseonu. I am a Lecturer in Politics & Policy in the Politics, Philosophy and Religion department at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. I am interested in the struggle for racial justice and the means through which this can be achieved, focusing particularly on the interplay of the politics of Black youth and urban governance.

I am also a founding convener of the Racial Equity in Policy Network which seeks to support policy makers in the broadest sense across the North of England who wish to address racial inequalities in their places.

About me

After I completed my PhD in Politics at the University of Manchester (2021), I spent some time working as a Teaching Associate, and latterly as a Research Fellow at the University of Manchester. I also spent time working at the Young Foundation working as a Principal Researcher. Before returning to academia to complete my PhD, I was an organisational development professional with responsibility for organisational change, learning and development, and equality, diversity and inclusion in organisations within the private and not-for-profit sectors.

My research is driven by my passion to contribute to the pursuit of racial justice by examining the interaction between lived experiences in policymaking/governance contexts to understand systems that constrain and/or enable racial justice.


My teaching is shaped by bell hooks who said:




My community engagement work with racially minoritised communities is powered by my willingness to develop relationships in academic, community and policy spheres to support the identification of policy problems that need solutions, and creating spaces for people from these spheres to co-produce understanding of the policy problem and corresponding solutions.

“the classroom remains the most radical space of possibility in the academy.”

For collaboration and research opportunities, please get in touch via the form below or email me at t.eseonu[at]

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